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Since the launch of the Website, the administrator has been approached several times by persons for sale and/or mediation of their product. For these products, a seperate category was created called Wanted - Offered (Advertising) and can be found within the main forum. The reason for this decision is that the Website/Forum is only intended for pooling of information about the SDCS principle or Mr. Jan Sloot and everything related to it. During these approaches, sometimes applications/demos were send together with or without test files which should support the specified claims. These test files were often specially prepared for the supplied applications. Other claims were built around a mixture of current compression techniques, found after deeper analysis using reverse engineering. All these claims could not handle random data. After confrontation, these authors were no longer accessible or respond with bad language.

First contact with DNA

In the end of november 2010, the administrator was approached by SDSC for information about the website, motive and its connection regarding the matter of Jan Sloot. After explanation, which can be found elsewhere, there was slowly growing a confidential dialogue. His hobby and interest went out to alternative storage techniques and during the dialogue there was an exchange of views on an unspecified area. During the exploration of this area, an algoritmn was created that laid the basis for a new technique. To prove the operation and function of this technique, a test application should be written which was called DNA. Different file formats such as bin, mp3, mpg, rar, zip but also random data proved indeed, through using this technique, that it can be reduced to <=256 bytes. It could even smaller (<=32) however, for the algorithm and reference table 256 bytes give the best result.
After the above dialogue, an appointment was proposed to brainstorm on this issue because DNA was still in development stage and had some obstacles. An outsider with knowledge of matter with a fresh set of eyes could see what maybe had been overlooked. This appointment would also be a great opportunity to give a demonstration of DNA. Unfortunately, that meeting never took place due a very significant event among the administrator.

End of July 2011. The administrator was approached (again) with a proposal to send a stripped version of DNA v2.4ß together with some keycodes (DNA-codes). The intension was to give a free opinion of DNA. This gave an opportunity to study DNA longer, system independently and with unlimited time. An in-depth analysis was released, supplemented with a piece of reversed engeneering (DCU, IDR, DeDe etc.). The framework within DNA was created as well as the use of the algorithm proved to be correct. Despite the stripped version, the application did exactly what it claimed.

The supplied application is a test version of DNA without error_handling. Version 2.4ß was basically developed to prove the operation and functioning of the algorithm and after independent review, DNA clearly succeeded. It is well known that the use of algorithms affects the performance which causes delays, like any calculation does. These delays are also found in current compression techniques although, DNA is not using such techniques. Jan Sloot invention also had loss of performance but he tried to reduce this by using hardware solutions (CPU, SSD ect.). The current software version of DNA got already a wide range of possibilities, from video, audio, telecommunications etc.

DNA has many similarities with the SDCS of Jan Sloot and was therefore offered to be part of the Forum. Interested parties get the opportunity to interact with DNA through participation in (general) questions and/or solutions. As a result, everybody can follow the developments of DNA (also by periodic status updates). The intension for this interaction is to develop DNA further in the hope that this may lead to the solution around the mystery of Mr. Jan Sloot.

The intension of the website and forum is to provide information about the mystery of Jan Sloot without commercial interest and to bring people together. Sometimes projects are illustrated with screenshots or video, meant to give a better view. Unfortunately, such illustrations are sometimes viewed differently where partisanship plays a role. It may also be clear that each project receives the same opportunities, we shall not deviate from this form of illustration. For details of projects, I refer you to the relevant author in the forum. The administrator is and does not have jurisdiction to provide information from projects to third parties.

The team of TelcomSoft wishes SDSC many success with the further development of DNA.

The Administrator

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