Brief van een onbekende die op het graf van
Jan Sloot is achtergelaten


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Hommage to a daring mind

In memory of a restless engineering mind,
whose grail once will be found and understood again,
so y’ may rest in peace, while not in vain.

Tributing you climbing that rock,
hunting ideas that won’t go away,
making your vision here to stay.

Searching for patterns to address it all,
comprised in trace and gene and math,
you found it there, along that path.

Twelve gloomy and intensive years,
were needed all to reach the light,
will be enough to put things right.

There was no lie, nor was deceit,
hiding away your knowledge key,
between the lines, for all to see.

In between for all there is there is a,
comprising state to start its change,
tracing the powers in its range.

A part of Nature’s own effusive way,
unfolding in an endless folding story,
revealing after all Victory.