Information about the DNA Algoritme (UK)

Information about the DNA Algoritme (UK)

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The DNA algorithm makes it possible to calculate a key code (DNA-code) that is less than or equal to 256 bytes for any file type, mpeg, bin, exe, zip etc. by using a reference table.

DNA is born out of a hobby containing the interest for alternative storage techniques and until today, it is still a hobby project. Since the 90s, it always keeps me in mind that it should be possible to store data on a more effectively way. You should not think about compression techniques, but an alternative effectivly way of storing data with the primary goal to expand the capacity on harddisk, CD, DVD etc. The modern PC is of course not comparable to the PC from back in the 90s, also in the area of memory and storage technology there is very much changed. The demand and needs for memory and larger storage media continues to grow due the extensive, complex applications and media applications such as video (HD), audio (MP3), high resolution images, etc etc. So, the question if an algorithm like DNA still has its full right to exist can be answered with a big Yes. The principle of DNA is simple and here begins the similarity with the SDCS algorithm of Jan Sloot. Just like SDSC, DNA also divide files into unique blocks and by using the reference table, these blocks will be stored only 1 time in this table. In other words, each primary data is stored only one time into fixed memory. From this reference tabel, a key code will be calculated and by applying this calculation recursively, a final key can be reached of <=256 bytes. Version 2.4 of DNA is just the beginning. This version was important to demonstrate the operation and functioning of the algorithm and to lay the basis for the third newer version. Thanks to development phase, more pieces of the puzzle concerning the SDSC of Jan Sloot, fell into its place. The reference table of version 3 gets a size of 740 megabytes. This does not match the size that Jan Sloot always described, namely 370 megabytes. To explain this I had to take a step back into time. The table of DNA is based on 32 bit integer's but in the time of SDCS was an integer 16 bits long. So 740 divided by 2 makes.... 370.

In this, I take the opportunity to thank the team of TelcomSoft for the ability to present DNA and the provision of a Forum that could possibly lead to a further development of DNA and perhaps to the solution of the mystery around the SDCS of Jan Sloot.

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